Born in Tehran, Iran in 1984, Sara's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. In 2001, she embarked on a new chapter, transplanting herself to the United States. A seeker of knowledge, Sara's academic path led her through three different degrees before she found herself on the verge of a pivotal moment.

In 2015, while nearing the completion of her bachelor's degree in accounting and liberal arts from Ottawa University in Kansas City, Sara realized that her true calling resided elsewhere. A fervent passion for art and design pulsed within her, a force that could not be ignored.

Since childhood, Sara's heart has beat to the rhythm of fashion, art, and jewelry design. As a young girl, she left her mark on her bedroom walls with vibrant expressions of her creativity. Designing her own clothes and cultivating her unique style were early indicators of the artistic prowess that would define her journey.

Colors are her palette, and creativity is her playground. Sara's discerning eyes perpetually seek that elusive "something different" in her distinctive approach to fashion. Her penchant for the ornate and the traditional far surpasses any affinity for the modern. Earrings, particularly those in grandiose gold settings with intricate Victorian detailing or resplendent gemstones, have always held a special place in her heart. The only deterrent was their weight.

In 2019, Sara exchanged vows with the maestro of keys, Perjad Saidian, a union that added a new, harmonious note to her life's symphony. The arrival of their cherished son, Lior, in October 2020, brought a new crescendo of joy.